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  • Proper selection of network parameters facilitates maximal acquisition. A unique automatic algorithm ensures optimal coverage and negligible interference to existing telecom networks without prior coordination.

  • The system administrator should create white list and black list and set separate policies for each. This process can be repeated every few hours to ensure all phones in range will be acquired, including those how were switched off during the previous round.

  • Yttrium can locate target’s phone accurately by initiating a silent call that forces the cell phone to transmit continually without its owner being notified. A covert hand held homing device then locates the transmitting device.


IMSI Catcher


CyberSeal’s IMSI catcher is designed especially for critical infrastructure facilities to provide a cost effective fixed or tactical solution that will covertly identify, locate and render useless illegal GSM 2G & 3G cell phones within system’s effective range of operation. The system simulates a true GSM base station, forcibly rerouting all mobile communication through a central hub. This core element acquires the identities of all cell phones within its effective range and then blocks their transmissions to cellular telecom towers.


To allow optimal acquisition of cell phones within the system coverage area, the following steps should be completed:

  • Selection of effective locations for peripheral units. Prior planning will guarantee optimal usage of the hardware, while the coverage area can be controlled by modifying power output and selecting proper antennas

Yttrium consists of a command centered peripheral units. Central management is located in the command and control room, while the peripheral units provide flexibility in covering any required area. The system can be configured for fully automated or manual operation.

The system is equipped with a user-friendly interface that displays acquired phones and their identities, logs all communication attempts and provides real time alerts at switch on or switch off of blacklisted mobile devices.

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