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With technology becoming cheaper and more accessible privacy intrusion is escalating. CyberSeal’s Vanadium responds to the threats using unique algorithms, while maintaining simple and intuitive control.


IMSI Catcher Detector


IMSI catchers, also known as Active Interception Systems, are devices used by intelligence agencies and organizations to monitor cell phone conversations, text messages or data usage whenever ordinary wiretapping is not feasible, unless conducted in collaboration with a telecom provider.

An IMSI catcher impersonates a local cell tower and then takes full control of a cell phone’s identify and forcing it to use insecure channels, even if the phone and the network are set to encrypt its conversations.

The problem is even more complicated because the playing field isn’t even: while targets are generally in stationary, identifiable locations – such as critical infrastructure facilities, military bases, police stations, embassies, meeting rooms, etc. – IMSI catchers may be portable, can be activated from any location, including moving vehicles and are continuous threat.

All Vanadium’s acquired information is logged on the device to enable off-line processing and may be reported on-line to monitoring and control applications provided by CyberSeal and 3rd party vendors.


Vanadium provides the user with unambiguous alerts and monitoring functionality:

  • Fake cell reporting including typical identifying parameters

  • Health reporting including environmental and power conditions


Vanadium’s functionality may be expended and customized per customer needs: Various operations modes, fixed and mobile installations, better RF performance antennas, multiple network support in a single unit, and versatile installation options for visible alerting.

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