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Cyber Security Ethernet Switch


Today, more and more physical security systems are connected to communication networks for monitoring and control. This connection leaves the physical security systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks, threatens national security and impacts public safety.

Rapidly increasing attacks on physical security systems and SCADA networks deployed in critical infrastructure facilities make the need for a comprehensive solution essential – a solution that will cover a broad range of physical and logical threats.


There are many new hazards that result from institutions’ use of a growing number of physical security elements. Surveillance cameras, access control systems, sensor and controller are all connected using TCP/IP and networking technology and rely on unsecured communication networks that are laid across the site and in the field.



The use of these unsecured networks exposes the site to combined cyber and physical attacks:

  • Video streams from surveillance cameras can be replaced or manipulated

  • Access control systems can be hacked to open gates and doors

  • Perimeter security sensors and controllers can be disabled or blinded

  • Industrial controllers and power distribution systems can be taken over and damag

CyberSeal’s TUNGSTEN is specifically designed as the ultimate solution for physical security networks, SCADA based systems, and safe-city applications. Tungsten provides ironclad security with full control and customizable networking capabilities.

Cutting edge hardware, coupled with network intelligence and policy enforcement software engines, offer an effective tool for securing and hardening your sites and installations.

Use Tungsten as the building block for field and physical security communication networks. Enhance your infrastructure safety with its key features:

  • Rugged hardware, designed to withstand tough environmental conditions

  • Fiber optic and RJ45 ports with high power PoE capabilities simplify the installation

  • Increase switch functionality in order to minimize the numbers of devices in the field

  • Continuously monitor and analyze the data traffic of all the elements and at all the points in the network

  • Protect not only the servers or the network, but also the elements in the field against cyber-attacks and exploits


Located everywhere in the network, Tungsten acts as a powerful security policy enforcement tool, allowing you to:

  • Detect and identify every element and endpoint in the network

  • Alert or block any attempt to connect an unauthorized device to the secured network

  • Inspect the incoming and outgoing traffic, at port level, to make sure that only known, safe, and identified traffic, from authorized entities, is allowed

  • Detect Layer2 and Layer3 cyber-attacks: CAM overflow, ARP spoofing or poisoning, IP address spoofing, Video hijacking, Protocol manipulation, DoS, etc

  • Report, and take automatic action to restore the continuous and safe operation of the network

  • HW protection makes the switch policy enforcement tamper proof

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