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CyberSeal’s is delivering products for the following market categories:

  • Cyber Security for physical security systems (also known as, perimeter security systems) and control networks (SCADA)

  • SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) security and interception systems for cellular networks, satellite links and tactical communications

  • Network Management systems including NMS, EMS and embedded agents for the datacom, telecom and infrastructure industries


Our cyber security products are protecting the physical security and control systems of being attacked from inside and outside. These innovative products are offering a unique combination between performance, functionality and a reasonable cost

  • TUNGSTEN Cyber Security Ethernet Switch which offers top-notch switching functionality while preventing illegal data of being transferred in all network layers (from physical to application)

  • RUBIDIUM SIEM system for non-IT usage which offers simple to use user interface for non-technical operators, presenting the cyber-threats on a critical site and providing first-aid tools for cyber securing the site


CyberSeal’s SIGINT products are targeted for securing critical sites and for law enforcement and government agencies. The critical sites security products are used for prevention of illegal cellular usage and protection from IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) attacks while the products for the LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) and government agencies provide a solution for both security and interception purposes of cellular, satellite and tactical communications. CyberSeal’s SIGINT products are sold according to the Israeli export regulations.

  • VANADIUM IMSI Catcher Detector is sending alarms upon IMSI attack near-the-site is detected. Such attacks may “route” all cellular activity in a site through the IMSI catcher (the attacker), then intercept the data and voice (even execute silent-call to mobiles in the site and use them as open microphones) or even manipulate data

  • YTTRIUM IMSI Catcher is sending alarms upon illegal cellular usage in a site, it may prevent such an activity upon configuration. This appliance implements a cellular-honey-pot that pulls all mobile phones in its near-area and according to configurable set of rules (white and black lists) it permits or prevents the cellular usage


The network management products are used by many datacom, telecom and infrastructure vendors and integrators around the globe. Our products are customized according to the customer specific requirements and are delivered as OEM products. CyberSeal’s network management products are sold under the WebSilicon brand.

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