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Founders Team


Iftah Bratspiess

Iftah has over 20 years of experience in R&D management and has acquired hardware and software development expertise following his tenure in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and later at CyberSeal. Prior to joining the company, Iftah was the head of a R&D team that belonged to a special technological unit in the IDF, where he led the specification and development of many systems in the fields of communication and distributed remote management. Iftah holds B.Sc. and MBA degrees from Tel-Aviv University.


Bentsi Ben-Atar

Bentsi is responsible for all of the business and technological aspects of the SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) activities in the company. Before joining CyberSeal, Bentsi served as head of an R&D team of a special IDF technological unit where he led the development of large-scale communication systems. Bentsi is a highly skilled engineer in the fields of board design, high-density FPGA applications, BSP's, and embedded systems. Bentsi holds B.Sc. and MBA degrees from Tel-Aviv University.


Yossi Appleboum

Yossi has vast experience in analysis, definition and specification of element managers and network monitoring systems as well as an extensive R&D background following over 20 years of experience in the IDF and at CyberSeal. Prior to CyberSeal, Yossi was the chief architect of a large scale, distributed network monitoring and analysis system in a technological unit of the IDF.

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